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What's the point of proofreading?

Proofreading should be the final polish to your work before it is sent out into the world, giving it a few last tweaks rather than a major overhaul. Corrections are limited to those that are necessary and where there is ambiguity or doubt I will raise it with you. As part of the proofreading process for your work I will focus on:

  • spelling, punctuation and grammar

  • consistency in language, hyphenation and capitalisation

  • consistency in formatting, design and layout

  • line and letter spacing

  • tables, graphs, lists and captions

  • references, footnotes and endnotes.

Who do I work for?

My particular areas of interest are driver educationprimary education and music but I am always happy to quote for any type of work from publishers, businesses, non-profit organisations, academics and students.

What formats can I work on?

I can work on documents in MS Word (using Track Changes), pdf (using Comment tools or BSI markup) and hard copy (using BSI markup).

To find out more, discuss your requirements or request a quote please contact me.

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